Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Safari - Northwest Equestrian Park

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. Visited this equestrian park and was pleasantly surprised. Beautiful trails for the casual walker and runners. Really well kept secret.

Five different loops to follow.

Did I mention how good the trails were? Nice and sunny.

Not many needles left on the cypress. 

You WILL see horses. Maybe not on the trails

If you pause by any of the many water holes, you'll find a gator.

I wish my pups could take a longer walk. Great place to bring them.

Even with the duller colors of winter, lots of pretty fields

So neat how oaks change their growing patterns in boggy environments

I love trees

Did I mention this was an equestrian park?

Nice, flat, comfortable trails. (Lacing up my running shoes)

And plenty of cool trees to ogle. 

Skies were pretty last Sunday.

And here I'm back to my ride. 


  1. Looks like a pretty place for a walk. I love the horse and the trees.. Happy Sunday!

  2. It looks a grand place for a wander. Blasted freezing here today.

  3. Looks like a great destination. Your tree photos are awesome! Thanks for the tour.

  4. Looks a great place for a walk. You weren't tempted to get on a different type of saddle for the ride home?

  5. Nice ride. Nice and sunny, well how about no sun and -4 degrees? But still hoping to pack away my tree and hit the snowy slopes!

  6. beautiful place, no doubt!

  7. What a beautiful place for a bench!

  8. Beautiful, even in the wintertime. I can only imagine how nice it would look in the spring, summer, and fall!

  9. LOVE the trees. The gator? Alien to me and creeps me out.

  10. how interesting that its an equestrian park. There is beautiful scenery there. love the bare trees and spanish moss

  11. A nice place for a walk. I love the bare tree with the light shade of wood, gorgeous!