Friday, January 23, 2015

Snapshots - Lake Park P2

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. [Dec 14 shots]

If you follow know I love trees, and have deep respect for the old one's making way for the young.

Falling sun trying to shine through the cypress and Spanish Moss

I enjoyed taking a break and shooting the little kids at the BMX park. There were some widdle ones.

And not so widdle.

You see a lot of this in Florida.

It's gorgeous under a setting sun, too. 


  1. Heb je ook meegedaan aan de rally?

    1. I'm a little old for this particular sport :)

  2. That 2nd shot is particularly interesting. Err - 'widdle'? Que?!

  3. My hubby has some beautiful shots of the Spanish Moss from our trip through Georgia some years back. I love the look. What a fun park for the kids who like to skateboard.

  4. Happy Friday Mac. As usual, you've given us some interesting photos. My favorite in this group is the 7th one down ... the youngster rolling along the curving pathway. Have a good weekend!

  5. I enjoyed these photos - the Spanish moss, children on bikes, the green bike, the beauty of the park. Very nice and I can almost feel the warmth of the day.

  6. You have some great action shots here.. in an always lovely setting. I quite like that bright green bike.

  7. Very cool, in photo number 4 you capture him with not one wheel touching the ground! Perfect. I enjoyed this series a lot.

  8. Love the trees.
    Here you would be regarded with extreme suspicion if you were taking photos of the munchkins unless one of them was yours. A sad indictment.

  9. Like the shot of the green bike.

  10. i enjoy the perspective you use for a lot of your pictures. it's creative.....i am creative but i would not think to do that, so i enjoy it!!

    i do like that green bike!!!!

  11. Bike bike bike, everybody must have one in their life.