Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snapshots - Who Says FL has no Color?

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer.

Whoever said it...never enjoyed the cypress changing

You can find color everywhere

And you'll never have to dig through the snow to find it.

Colorful hearts, too. This is Tapanga, with my Lucy and Molly. All, such sweethearts

"Where ya guys going? I wanna go."

And we're called the Sunshine State...but got gorgeous clouds too.

I love clouds...

...and trees

Love those grand oaks

Maybe I just like being outside.


  1. I can see it's appeal but I do like snow.

  2. Whoever said it had their eyes, their heart and their mind firmly shut.
    Just the variety of greens you show us is breathtaking, even without all the other colours.

  3. I love Florida. Didn't make it over the pond this year. Maybe next year.

  4. i like florida, I like sunshine and clouds.....I do think we are just outdoorsy people!! the last three pictures are really pretty!!!

  5. I love those dogs, bandanas on the go.

  6. love the fern and the pretty changing trees!

  7. Lots of pretty colors in Florida.. Love the puppy dogs! Happy weekend!

  8. Such pretty foliage, colourful pumpkins and adorable pups. Colourful in many ways.

  9. Beautiful fall colors PLUS it's warmer there? I should move to Florida! Except I'd want to live on the beach--and I don't think the leaves change there, do they?

  10. It sure wasn't me that ever said that. In fact even black (which holds every color) always comes out beautifully in your Floridian girl's shiny black coats, and who is this new buddy of theirs again. Is that Bruno?