Friday, November 21, 2014

Snapshots - Tampa Bay

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer.

I loves 'em itty bitty crabs

Like a cool one?

My character in Living in Shadow rides a Busa. She's a live wire. Very cool bike.

Stroll on the beach.

A tough life.

These seniors, I don't think, loved that board as much as their humans thought they did.

They were so sweet.


  1. Daft dogs. You'd think they would just climb off.
    Those crabs have big claws for the size of the crab.

  2. Yeah, not sure that I could keep myself from saying something snide seeing that! Especially for older dogs. Okay so happy your crabs were not pictured any larger. I don't mind crabs, (well you know those kinds of crabs) but I do have a phobia of a mass of them....creepy, crawling little monsters! Yikes. Thank goodness your stroll on the beach came next! :)

  3. love the shorebirds and the bitty crabs. :)

  4. The crabs are so cute.

  5. I really like those welcoming, bright yellow umbrella's, it looks like a great spot to hang out!! and those blue chairs aren't too bad either!!! the shore birds, remind me of home!!!!

  6. Yeah, I agree with Theresa, they are beautiful.

  7. Awww.
    And those seniors were being soooooo patient (and no, they didn't look comfortable).

  8. Awww sweet dogs. I hope they enjoyed it more than it appears. I'm ready for a cool drink at those colourful tables and umbrellas now. Just keep those crabs away, please!

  9. Love the itty bitty crabs! And so many of them. Have a terrific weekend!