Friday, November 14, 2014

Snapshots - Puppy fun

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer.

On our walk this morning we met Bruno. He was ecstatic to meet Lucy...since she's the only one of my girls who had any interest in him.

Did I mention, he was VERY interested in Lucy. Look at those eyes. Aren't they beautiful.

Bruno is going to be a great friend to his fur-mommy.

I NEVER got a shot of him playing with Lucy. I'm just not fast enough.

By the time the thought hit a synapse that that would make a great shot...he was sitting on the bench again with his mom, safe.

Change of pace. I just loved the old wood, and angles.

And of course I love trees, and the vines that crawl up them (evidently)

This baby made me want to go four-wheeling.

I loved these rose vines reaching up for the sun.


  1. Beautiful dogs and excellent pictures.

  2. Bruno looked ready for a bit of action.

  3. looks like love to me!!!

  4. What a delight - and yes, Bruno has very, very beautiful eyes.

  5. Bruno is a keeper, they'll have a sniffing good time together as often as dad allows!

  6. bruno is adorable - and full of energy, you can tell. :)

  7. You are improving every day with your photography! Bruno is a beautiful dog and I think you captured him very well.

  8. Bruno is very handsome...those eyes, wow!

  9. That is one handsome pup. Great photos of that sweetie and of the rest.