Monday, November 24, 2014

Snapshots - Nuthin' in Particular

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. Sometimes I wonder if I should have ever been allowed a camera.

All that was left of my chocolate silk birfday pie before I grabbed the camera.

Sweet Molly will be 13 in a few days. I love this girl with all my heart.

Lucy loves to drink from this spring.

When did fire hydrants stop being red?

No excuse...I like strange angles and colors.

And textures.

Wrought iron makes great textures.

So does Mother Nature.

Elephant Ears.

Don't ask me what you call these plants.


  1. So we are all left wondering what did your Birthday pie look like? Oh and Happy Birthday.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if I should be allowed out, let alone given a camera. A wonderful, eclectic, mix. I promise not to ask what the plants are called. It's your birthday? - very many happy returns!

  3. There is a point where we meet.

    And it is found in the Internet.

  4. happy belated birthday? :) love your old pup. and the wrought iron.

  5. it is so very evident that you love those puppies AND nature AND pie!!

    happy birthday mac!!!

  6. Molly is a sweetheart it's so easy to see! As for that pie, a gone pie is, rather was a most delicious pie! Great shots, just because.

  7. You most definitely should be allowed a camera.
    Happy belated birthday.
    What did you say those plants are called?

  8. Was it your birthday, if it yes, have a beautiful one. And isn't your birthday, happy day.

  9. That pie must've been awfully good. Did you let the dogs lick the plate? I would've. Happy birthday to Molly early in case I miss it. She is a pretty girl.

  10. A belated happy birthday to you! The dessert must have been too good to take time to get the camera/phone out. Molly is sweet. I love dogs and am partial to black Lab types. :) Your photos of the florals and foliage are beautiful. Thanks for visiting.

  11. I hope I remembered to say Happy Birthday on facebook, but if I forgot- Happy Belated Birthday!! :) You didn't eat the whole pie, did you? I hope Molly got a slice.
    Have a super Thanksgiving week!

  12. Happy belated birthday! That pie must've been good. :)