Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Snapshots - Daily Walk

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer.

Don't ask me what this is called.

Or this. Some kind of  pretty thing.

Uh...just playing with angles.

...Some more angles.

Peeking through early sun-lit leaves.

Love sparkly light on dew-covered anything.

Kilo came out to say hi.

This is called circling the...uh...buttses


  1. A grand walk, I enjoy life through your lens. The last one is priceless.

  2. Not sure if my first comment made it (FB was behaving weird on my cell this morning) Happy pups for a morning greet and sniff! WooHoo! I like that entry for #1418, the art on the tile. Your first lovely flower, reminds me of Christmas time!

  3. Even weeds look pretty covered in dew, huh? Especially when the light hits them juuuuussst right.

    You should stop by today. I read a book you might enjoy! :)

  4. hehehe...a little getting to know you better, we took a nice walk today!!!

  5. i like the blue door and flower pot one. :)

  6. I get nervous when dogs say hi. They always end up fighting. My husband says my dogs are picking up on my agitation, which makes my dogs feel protective and starts the fights.
    I like the angles. Interesting.

  7. Uh, Kilo needs some underwear...little too much showing. lol The flowers are pretty but I have no idea what they're called. The blue door is a great image.

  8. Fine photos, Mac. I've gotta suggest, though, that Kilo is saying a lot more than "hi."

    I'll message you via facebook, kind friend. =)

  9. So appreciate your pictures! Love the dogs--

  10. Lots of colour and whimsy on this walk. I quite like that doorstep and all its hues and eye catchers.

  11. Pretty doggie, chasing around each other.