Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snapshots - Around About

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer.

Nice green texture.


The pups might get a little bored when I start kneeling over the plants.

But I enjoy their pretty faces.

Not these faces. But enjoy friends meeting in the park.

Best of pals, aren't they?

Lucy says, ready to be chased.

Mighty dog says, you can't catch your own shadow.

Do your dogs get a choice of five different kinds of snacks a day? I think our dogs are spoiled. Just a little. But they earn it, giving us so much love. 


  1. I'm just glad that mine can't read this.

  2. Your dogs are definitely spoiled! So was mine when I had one, so I'm not blaming you for that.

  3. Lucky pups! And thanks for following.

  4. Holy Catfish, super cool dog treat jars. I have one jar with little paws all over it! So munchkins know what's not theirs! I think your darling pups probably wonder why their dad is always on the ground but not ever sniffing? What stands out the most for me is, the very delightful background in photo #1 !

  5. Beautiful images one and all. Yup, our JRT is spoiled also. But he's also crazy and doesn't eat his treats.. he buries them.. in the sofa, a shoe, under a blanket.. etc. Then he defends them from the cats who have zero interest in smelly old doggie treats.

  6. precious pups! all dogs should be loved so...

  7. Lovely jubbly, they are alright. Love 'em.

  8. Love wandering out and about with you.
    Spoiled? I suspect that you get a great deal more from them than you could ever give them. And suspect that they feel the same way. Which is as it should be.

  9. Our dogs only have two kinds of treats. They cannot know about this!

    Seriously, these images are your best yet. Love every single one! Great focus, exposure and bokeh.

  10. No such thing as spoiling!! (Wink)!!!

  11. great photos of the dogs! I know you're very avid with dogs, so awesome!