Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shout Out - Black Death in a New Age

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. For My reading friends:

I offer you a STRONG RECOMMEND for Kathy T Kale's Black Death In a New Age.

(She's a fellow Floridian.)

The cover-title implied to me an apocalyptic read, so when the first chapters didn't hint that kind of drama, I had a bit of shopper's remorse, so prepare yourself for a mystery-thriller instead, and you will be extremely rewarded. (Heavy handed hint to Kathy… Never claimed I'm subtle. **)

Kathy's characters are entirely entertaining and richly painted. The plot isn't overly twisted as so many thrillers are. There is enough realism to keep the mystery reader going and enough intrigue to tease the thriller reader to the next chapter. The setting and dialogue is swift enough to thrill the reader just wanting to escape.

So both thumbs up.

Kathy's explanation :)
Titles are hard to devise because they have to encompass in a few words, the gestalt of a hundred thousand. For my title, I wanted to convey the idea of the plague, but I preferred the old term ‘Black Death’, which carries the notion of death that comes from dark places and here I was thinking (spoiler alert) those with black hoods and sharp knives. I added ‘New Age’ to evoke the role of modern science and the understanding of disease and immunology that was so lacking in the 16th Century outbreaks. And just so folks would know it was a made-up story, I qualified the title by calling it ‘A Novel.’ 


  1. Oh, very interesting, I do like a good mystery-thriller very much.

  2. More temptation put in my weak-willed way. Mysteries are one of my comfort reads...
    Congrats to Kathy.

  3. Sounds good. Is 'Floridian' a religious sect?

    1. Bwa ha ha

      Some think they are sun worshipers

    2. ...which is pretty accurate. If we have a cloudy day we slink around repeating, "Where's the sun? Where's the sun?"

      Thankfully it doesn't happen often.