Friday, October 17, 2014

Snapshots - A Run to the Petstore

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. Dina let me out of the house to join her at the pet store. I love going to the pet store.

You have 't know I'll take a picture of anything

Ah...a new water tower in West Tampa

I love red, and sexy curves

...talking about sexy curves

...still proving I'll take a picture of anything

Caught someone running between the trees (Ray Jay Stadium)

I have to be very sneaky to get a picture of Dina

...'cause she' very camera shy

I don't know why they call it serious radio...I just heard the same old music

Yep. I'll click anything

My bud at PetSmart...he's a photographer too

I visited with this guy while I was there.

And these guys

I think I need a Guinea Pig

I always look over the toys...Lucy loves toys.


  1. Funny, post. I enjoyed these photos. Cute shots of Dina and from the Pet Store..Happy weekend!

  2. Are they doing any good deals on thos budgies? I was wondering if any were going cheap.

  3. Well, I do concur that you will photograph anything but everyday life is worth photographing. I use my blog as a diary of sorts, recording the stories of my life. Please tell Dina to look at the camera and let you take her picture. I feel, it is so important to record the little things in life but more importantly, the things that matter most to us.

  4. Ha! I do like the 'I'll take a picture of anything and here are the pictures to prove it!' But if you like the look of something want to remember it, or your trigger finger is bored then taking a photo makes perfect sense.

  5. Smart at the way you photographed, I love the pet store.

  6. Love that you are exploring all types of photography. Your buddy at the pet store is a great portrait. I do feel sorry for the caged animals tho.

  7. No sense in wasting an opportunity to photograph things!

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne