Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Snapshots - Fun with Jack

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. My girls loved cavorting with this cute Jack Russel at Macdugal Park.

Jack (maybe not his real name) at first remained unsure

But Gracie didn't eat 'im...

The girls studied, unsure if he was a dog or a rat...I think

Warmed up fast

Cutie Pie, huh

When you're 9" tall, you get soaked running around in rain-wet grass

He wasn't sure about me

Maybe he could put up with me

"Okay, take my profile...I'm gorgeous"

By the way...I've typed 'the end' on my current project, a young adult/new adult paranormal in edit...looking for beta readers/cross beta readers. If you are is the draft blurb:

Caitlin wants nothing more than to be invisible her senior year but the notoriety she earned killing vampires last summer bodes more adventure. Remnants of the revenir realignment continues to challenge her life expectancy. Her family crumbles like the worst soap opera cliché. The kith's queen, a five thousand year old shape shifter, tags her to search for a loose ghoul and negotiating with a sociopathic ancient. Breaking her back wasn't enough sacrifice or enough fodder for her clinical depression. She has to dodge a pack of bullies at her new school.

Paranormal adventure THE JENNINGS KID is a sequel to REVENIR INTERN, a spinoff of the darker novel, REVENIR.



  1. Quite a proud looking Jack Russell. You seem to be quite a prolific writer. Writing up my posts can take me for ever sometimes especially those that require research.

  2. Well that;s just a little cutie, but I have seen some that are not that friendly. I do not get that butt sniffing thing that dogs do, :)

  3. Jack Russells can be quite fiesty characters but fun once they get to know you and not all all intimidated by larger dogs

  4. your beautiful dogs give you quite a lot of blog material ;)

    i have a medical problem with reading, anything lengthy. i enjoy you blurb, it was just the right lenght for me and it feels like you are a very good writer.

  5. What is this, a rat on legs.

  6. He is a cutie - though I am much, much fonder of larger dogs.

  7. A fun play time for the dogs.. Jack is cute.. Nice doggie post. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. What a cutie! Love the pictures--

  9. Jack must the long chin whiskered type of JR terrier.
    Your story is moving along well.