Saturday, October 4, 2014

Snapshots - Finally, Blue Skies

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer.

The past week and a half we've received about 13 inches of rain.

It finally stopped and we were able to get outside. See the sun...

...Enjoy the blue sky

Soak in the rays

Stretch the legs

Still kind of wet. Yeah, she couldn't walk AROUND the puddle. sky. The grass is so green it almost hurts.

Lots of stuff blooming. allergies.


  1. je hebt er toch weer een mooier wandeling van gemaakt.

  2. Great pictures. Had to laugh at your dog walking through the puddle. But that is what it was there for, right? Splashing in puddles after the rain has always been one of my favorite things to do. My kids always got a kick out of mom taking off her shoes and going out with them to get wet.

    1. ha ha...I can just visualize you prancing behind Lucy through that puddle

  3. Holy cow that's a lot of rain! Lovely once it's over, puddles and all. Sorry you have allergy issues! I like your pumpkin flag- festive! Your captures always a treat- even before, (did you look up snow?) Ha! Ha! you know I need heavy doses of your world during that white season!

  4. Rain? Jealous thoughts. And you got about half our yearly average in ten days.
    Of course she couldn't walk around the puddle. Still a kid at heart...

  5. I'm going to miss blue skies here--they're going away for winter, unfortunately. Rain helps everything turn green, though, so it's a good thing, as much as it sucks while it's here.

  6. Of course they never walk around them.. where would be the fun in that? :) Lovely pics.

  7. That is sure a lot of rain. There are parts of Australia that also receive deluges like that and then lots of flooding happens cos the ground is so dry.
    Love the dogs (their kerchiefs), the birds and everything and it must be great to see everything drying out.

  8. Oh my gosh- that's a lot of rain! Looks like she didn't have a whole lot of dry walking space there. I have allergies too- mostly spring pollens, weeds and grass. Awful.

  9. it's usually the boys who can't resist the puddles!!

    such pretty green grass.....