Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Safari - Urban Tampa - P3

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. Bike ride through Tampa [April 27] From Seminole Heights, following the Hillsborough River, onto Davis Islands. Nice ride, but fried my brain before I got home. Hope you enjoy the P3 pix.

[I'm on day 2 of my big camera safari today--woot woot]
Riverfront Park

Harbour Islands condos in foreground.

If this was my toy, I would live here

Imagine, PRETTY tug boats.

Don't even have the showroom plastic off yet

Seddon Channel

It's amazing how big those cruise ships are

How all Floridians live...snort...cough

Tampa U's spires make every shot cool

Only God (or Thor) could have come up with purple trees.

Have a great week


  1. I live near a big port and we get visits from some monster ships. The small ones are prettier, I think.

  2. ja zo is er voor iedereen wel een verschil.

  3. I would live there too! Well on my own boat of course! I have to say these are first shots of my favorite water scenes, but you shot a few that are worthy of hanging on the wall.

  4. WoW, what an awesome place to ride, so much beautiful scenery to take in!! Your images are all so pretty but I just loved the tug boat.....perhaps it was the colors!!

  5. Beautiful - but it is the first two which have stolen my heart this morning.

  6. Whoa, lovin' those purple trees--kinda reminds me of Dr. Suess. I LOL'ed at your typical Floridian home photo, too. Haha. Must be nice.

  7. I can tell how different the light is where you are. I love the first and second pictures.