Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tight Focus - Honeymoon Island

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. Miscellaneous pictures from an April 13 safari on Honeymoon Island. Hope you enjoy.

I luvvvv trees

...even not so alive ones. They still support the living.

I like wild flowers too

looking inland from the island

didn't expect beautiful cactus since I left Texas...huh?

purdy flowers

sweet flowers

awww...a mocking bird

Look like Christmas ornaments but they started out as markers for crab traps

Hope you're having a great week


  1. Love the shot out to the water and the gnarled tree.
    Jimmy Durante--the old Shnozzola (sp)

  2. Some great shots there of the plant life. Is it really a 'Honeymoon Island'?

  3. Glorious place, wonderful trees. Megathanks.

  4. een heerlijke serie je cactussen bloeien ook prachtig.

  5. Love the tree against the sky in the second picture. Looks like a sculpture.

  6. When I saw this post in the morning I wondered how the name Honeymoon Island came to be. So pioneers first called it Hog Island, and in 1939 they changed it to Honeymoon Isle. Now I'm even more curious from Hog to Honeymoon! I bet you can inform me!

  7. Love that view looking inland. Wow. Also, the silhouette of the dead tree is pretty amazing and I like how you pointed out that it still supports life. How true!

  8. Gorgeous pics, all! Love the trees the best though (I love trees too--they all have their own personalities.)