Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pictures - Sitting in a Lawn Chair

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. The other day I was sitting in my front lawn cooling off after a jog. I was thinking how much I enjoy my front yard; maybe I didn't have an ocean or mountain view, but I began focusing on the specific things that just popped to make the experience so I had to go get my camera.

Unfortunately, this shot doesn't do justice to the beauty of the setting sun shining through the trees, making the Spanish moss glimmer like Christmas lights.

The peak of my Sycamore rose just high enough to catch the last rays of the sun.

To my left...never tire of looking up into this grand old oak.

A little color. Love that volunteer sunflower popping up from the bird feeder above...dang...gotta fill that feeder or the squirrels are gonna be ticked.

Have a great day

-R. Mac Wheeler


  1. It's a gift to be able to look at your "ordinary" surroundings and see see the beauty there. I love that sunflower! Wonderful volunteer!

  2. It's so lovely and lush. I miss that. The mountains are lovely, but we don't have the thick greenness you have!

  3. Love those old live much character.

  4. Lovely views from your chair! Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend!