Friday, April 11, 2014

Pictures - Just a Walkaround the Block

Greeting from the Hermit-Writer. Below is why it's worth being a pauper to stay home full-time and write. I love where I live. I finished the climax for New Order Apocalypse 3 yesterday. So this was a bit of a celebration for the four of leash.

This is a heritage oak two houses down...over 1200 years old. I love it

Same heritage oak.

Same heritage oak. I love it.

Ok. Last one of the heritage oak

Hillsborough River

"What'd ya find up there?"

"Lots of pee-mail."

A riveting pee-mail.

"You coming, Dad?"

A peek at my house from the street below.

Gorgeous morning.

Have a great weekend

-R. Mac Wheeler


  1. What a beautiful place to celebrate! Bravo on your finished copy to!

  2. There's just nothing like a day off leash to celebrate a writing victory. Nice pictures, too!

  3. I love the pictures of the trees "dripping" into their reflection-- makes for a very interesting composition. Glad you got some time unleashed too.

  4. I'll be dreaming of Heritage oaks tonight. But you're right about loving where you live. It's the same with me. I often argue the case that holidays are a waste of money because we live in a beautiful spot. My wife just calls me mean. :(