Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Safari - Tenoric Mine Trail

Greetings from the Hermit-writer. This is part three of my March 2 hike. Hope you enjoy

I like trees, and blue skies.

We got pine forest.
A nesting osprey?

Cool! It's an osprey and her baby!
We got cypress swamp.

Can you believe that green? Spring is really cool!

For those who don't know me...I like trees.

Have a great week

-R. Mac Wheeler


  1. zulke bomen daar ga je toch vanzelf van houden,de jonge visarend is wel heel mooi.

  2. Oh yes, perfect captures, and I like the green, green grass, anywhere, anytime, in simple words, I prefer now, but old man winter, is smirking!

  3. Such an inviting trail. Always a treat to see the osprey. And I really like the picture of the cypress trees and their reflections.

  4. I was so impressed by all the man-made posts for Osprey nests during my visit. I'm so glad the effort to save the species has been successful. And yeah yeah.. love the green. WHATEVER (yes, that's jealousy coming through!). Lovely pictures with enviable scenery, Mac.

  5. Wow, an osprey nesting! What great captures!

  6. A pretty spot for a walk. I like the cypress trees. And the Osprey nest is cool. Great post.