Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Safari – Robinson Preserve, Bradenton, FL (Part 2)

[January 6] I think we've had more gray-sky days in Florida this winter than the previous twenty years combined. Arg. Sometimes no shadows are nice. But it sure makes horizon shots dull when half the photo is just white. Hope you enjoy this second half of shots from the salt marsh.

Banyan trees are sooo weird.

These nesting osprey could have been a great shot if I'd had a 200mm lens, eh?

Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway in the background

Have a great week

-R. Mac Wheeler


  1. There are so many here that I really liked, Mac, including the somewhat bedraggled heron; the stark outline of the dead tree against the background of living ones; the osprey, of course; and the winding bridge/walkway with the Sunshine Skyway in the distance. Love the reflections in that one. Kudos to you for climbing that tower. :)

  2. geweldig in dat mooie gebied zoveel prachtige uitkijkposten.

  3. We've had more than our share of gray skies, too. Very unusual for us. You still have some really nice images here. Loved the heron, the sailboat, and kayakers.