Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Safari – Robinson Preserve, Bradenton, FL

Chilly, dreary day [January 6], but had a nice, long hike around the salt marsh of the Preserve. Hope you enjoy the first half of these shots.

Dina loved this shot of a boy and his dog.

I really wish I could have gotten a better shot of these eagles, but they were half a mile away. Wasn't going to happen with the lens I use.

Have a great week

-R. Mac Wheeler


  1. I love the front-on shot of the heron. I've never seen a photo of one from that perspective before, and it made me smile. You did nicely with the eagle picture, considering the distance.

  2. heerlijk om in z,on geweldig mooi gebied te wandelen en er dan z,on prachtige serie aan over te houden.

  3. Wonderful sights! Love the curvy boardwalk. :)

  4. Love the bird shots, and the pathway meandering through the woods- I love the bridge reflection and how neat to see the eagles..if I ever do I am quite sure I won't have my camera with me- lucky you to get a shot of them!