Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pictures - Unleashed

Greetings from the Hermit-Writer. The pups and I ventured to the park this AM. No one came the leashes. Yeah...great...until Gracie had to find something to roll in. Gack.

Gracie being pensive

Take my picture, Dad, I know I'm beautiful

"Who dat?"

Man it's hard to catch Molly still enough to take a picture.

Lucy cuts a sharp persona.

The lonely guy really wanted to come out and romp with us.

Hope you're having a great week

-R. Mac Wheeler


  1. How old are all your babies?

  2. Beautiful dogs! I hate when my dog wants to roll in something stinky. Especially if I'm away from home and have to ride in the car with him. :/

  3. Yay, a fun field trip with dad. They sure are adorable, and too bad that lonely doggie could only watch your fun!

  4. I am glad the pups had a good day! They all need the exercise.

  5. Cute and fun series! Love the puppy dogs!