Friday, January 24, 2014

Shout Out – CL Bevill's newest Title

I finished Caren's latest Bubba novel and wanted to encourage you all to grab it up and give it a read. I hate star reviews, because there are various tastes, but if you're looking for something fun you can read while your brain takes a break, take a look at Zigzaggery.

This is Caren's best yet. More fun. More twists. Caren's wonderful choice of words and her quirky characters are incredibly endearing.

Really. If you haven't read anything from Caren, at least pick up her free Bubba book.

[Her earlier novels weren't as well edited, so if the typos in Dead Woman irks you…don't worry…she's got a new editor for Zizgazzery.]

Have a great weekend

-R. Mac Wheeler

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