Monday, January 27, 2014

Michael Vick Chosen to Keynote Evening of Champions

It isn't a hoax!

I hope you are as overwhelmed [and disgusted] as I am. Please help shame the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce for this disgusting selection.

Some email addresses I took off their site, and included in my own email to the GRCoC.

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Now I'm going to go throw up.

-R. Mac Wheeler
Dog Lover


  1. Yes, I am a dog lover, and yes, it's hard to believe in an human being can change.

  2. Ugh! Why are people still catering to this guy?

    I will never believe he's a changed man.

  3. I do hope he has changed. :/


  4. You can change your ways.

    But you can't change your character.

    We should isolate people like Michael Vick. They have no right to be among civilized people.

  5. Oy, I believe this is not the first time (nor the last) he's been given such a speaking honor. It is disgusting.

    On a happier note, I'm glad to see I'm following you. Thank you again for the follow. I will make it a point to drop by more often. Will bring chocolate next time too. What will you eat?


  6. This absolutely makes me ill.

  7. Being a dog lover, I hope he has changed! Have a great day!

  8. I wrote this song for all dogs on chains:
    Please help share my message!!

    Dog On a 10 Foot Chain

    Nothing to look forward to
    Watching cars go by all day
    Nothing to play with, nothing to do
    Shivering in the cold hard rain

    They forget to bring me water
    They forget that I am here
    They don’t know how smart I am
    They don’t even see my tears

    What did I do wrong, what did I do?
    I just want someone to love me, because I love you
    Whatever it is I did wrong, maybe I can change
    No one knows how hard it is, how hard it is to be………. a dog on a 10 foot chain

    Sometimes it’s hard to stay cool
    On a blazing hot summer day
    I dream of crossing the stream
    And catching a fish as sunlight fades

    It’s hard to stay warm in the winter
    Some nights it’s hard to be strong
    I dream of chasing butterflies
    And rabbits all day long

    The world is big and beautiful
    But I’ll never see it all
    Maybe when I go to Heaven
    Someone will throw me a red ball