Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just had to share...favoritist chapter of current edit-project. Just over 600 words

Chapter Fifty-Eight
Antoni "Toni" Tegaris – EUSA
She went through her nightly ritual, though she had no anticipation of falling asleep. She removed the flowing robes of the New-worlders, folding them over a hanger and placing them in the shower. She turned on the sonic head to freshen them. Washed her face. Brushed her teeth. Brushed her hair, enjoying the sensation of the bristles on her scalp. She noted the special sensitivity, the scars, where the halo once screwed into her skull.
"Life can be a bitch."
She walked over and turned the drier off.
For the juvenile fun of it she turned down the lights, opened the shower door and moved her hand along the length of the clothes, centimeters away from the material, and watched the static jump from the clothes to her hand. In the darkness it looked like a miniature lightening storm. She mumbled her favorite cliché. "You have to enjoy the little things in life."
Sometimes it's all that keeps you sane.
"Lights, quarter intensity."
Daemon's eyes lolled sleepy-red. She throttled the deck with her tail.
Life is short, and the end unpleasant. She loved Daemon, but the place left by Molly burned acidic. An electrified, barbed wire strangling her heart.
Toni lathered those annoying dry spots with lotion. Grimaced at the mirror. Long gone, the rippled-taut stomach. But otherwise, the old husk looked okay. If she didn't turn sideways so she could see the worse scars on her back. Kept her hand off the back of her neck where they started.
"Kory Mae, select some drowsy jazz for me to fall asleep to, please." She walked into the other room and pulled back her blanket. Daemon jumped up on the bed, made her endearing groan as she plopped down, eyes already closed.
"Reduce light ninety percent." She sat. The cool sheets felt refreshing, sensual against her flesh.
I should have taken a shower. A long one.
But she didn't stand. She leaned forward to stretch the muscles in her neck and back. She hadn't been doing her exercises. Her neck was going to freeze tight again if she didn't start behaving. She reached up and followed the deep scar that started at the base of her skull, as far as she could down her back.
Crazy people are the ones you have to watch.
"Kory Mae, if Chewie is in his stateroom, give him a ring please."
A moment later her co-pilot, engineer, deputy, and best friend replied. "How can I please you, Captain."
"You only have to be you."
"Then what can I do for you?"
"Call me Toni, instead of Captain."
"Toni. What else can I do for you?"
"You're so accommodating. Have you always been that way?"
"Not from the way you talk about me."
"But that's only when I don't think you're listening."
They were quiet a moment. Toni couldn't think of anything to say, but she hoped Kory Mae wouldn't time-out the connection, thinking they were done.
"Are you in bed, Chewie?"
"No, Ca— Toni."
It hurt. A tiny bit. "Was Julia nice to you?"
"She's always nice to me."
"You know what I mean."
He didn't answer right away. "That's nice music you have playing."
"Kory Mae has good taste."
The ship's persona said, "Thank you, Captain."
Brought a smile to her face. "So, is she thawing?"
"Toni, go to sleep."
Emotions closed as tight as a human male.
Can't you tell me everything will be good?
"Good night, Chewie."
"Good night, Toni."
She listened for the gentle twerp indicating the connection dropped. It didn't come for several moments, as Kory Mae gave them time, Toni would swear, to emotionally disconnect first. 

-R. Mac Wheeler

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  1. I think you captured the sense of loneliness. It is an interesting segment.