Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Safari – Northdale Golf and Tennis

A cool front came in last night, and the day couldn't have been nicer for a hike through one of the area's beautiful golf courses. My thanks to the staff for their hospitality. Hope you like the pix.


Have a great week

-R. Mac Wheeler

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  1. Wow! These are all so good. I do have favorites, as usual. :-) My absolute favorite in this bunch is the third one down with the tree in the foreground. GORGEOUS. Then the shot of the golf cart track. I love it. I really like the Adriondack chairs. I could go on down the list, but I'm not going to! :-D VERY nice photos.

  2. Great series of shots. I love golf courses with wild life and there is a lot here. The sandhill cranes are beautiful birds which I enjoy seeing on Michigan courses.

  3. Gee, if I could I'd play a round or two of golf there. If I could keep my eye on the ball! Spectacular photos Mac. Or maybe I'll just wander the beautiful grounds from my kitchen table again, and again this morning. Those ducklings are so cute.

  4. Beautiful photos! Love your style. :-)

  5. The first one - if I must pick.

    Came over from Julie's blog! Very nice to meet you Mac!

  6. I'm here thanks to Julie. Your pictures are wonderfully relaxing.

    Have a nice weekend.