Wednesday, October 30, 2013

20th Novel Loaded in Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Lord's Clarity was my first writing effort started in 1992. It took me six years to finish it, originally a saga over 220,000 words long (oh my poor critique partner). As a new writer I didn't know about structure, showing versus telling, hadn't a clue how to tie up the story so it rambled on and on.

I've endeavored many times over the years to edit the beast. Once I broke it into two novels, I started to make progress. A few years ago I broke the second novel into a third. More progress. Amazing how hard it is to turn 220kw of telling into a showing novel.

Lord's Clarity isn't crammed with action like my later novels, but the world I built is still my favorite.

Justen is single-born in a world of twins, one always male, one female, who share a telepathic connection. Ostracized among other royals for his bizarre birth, half a soul, a single consciousness, he battles to be accepted.
A force grips him, an anger that presses him to develop the clarity that comes natural to twins.
When the king disregards succession and names the seventeen-year-old the realm's heir apparent, Justen's survival depends upon mastering his emerging arcane powers and consolidating support, while facing threat of rebellion, assassination, and foreign encroachment.

The Clan Dyfyd series is set far in the future on a planet colonized a millennia ago by humans determined to live without technology. Wars, plagues, the feudalism and customs they follow, drive them ever-faster to an unsustainable population.

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  1. Wow, twenty novels???????!! Amazing.

    What a beast that first one was at 220K! Glad you were able to figure out how to tame it and make it work as three separate works. And I detect a hint of the Welsh in that series title. :))