Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Safari - Historic Ybor City

I've really missed my Sunday Safaris. (Hope you have too.) Just now starting to catch up with things left un-done for the five months I was in El Paso, so maybe I can get my Sundays back. So here's an urban safari…in historic Ybor City. Hope you enjoy the color.

(click on a picture for lightboard)


  1. Wow, this place is after my own heart. I hadn't heard of it (I've never been to Tampa) and had to Google it, 1886 in Florida, fantastic. Thanks for showing me what my ex-hubby never shared, although he loved this place, and wanted his ashes thrown out there. I'm betting he spent many hours in that café and bar. The street posts are just as stunning as the architecture. Great journey again, thanks.

  2. I had to take a break from editing when my email notice of a new post from you came through.

    Beautiful shots, as always! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  3. You know I love your photos-- love the details you capture and, especially with today's offerings, the colors.

  4. Nice pictures! I find it interesting that the bus has one of those Q-codes on it!

    Now, how do you pronounce the city's name (I've always wondered): Why-bor or Eee-bor?

  5. The colors in the shots are so vivid and pop so brilliantly. Love your photography, Mac.