Thursday, September 5, 2013

How (Not) To Kiss A Toad – Elizabeth A. Reeves

I write dude lit. So of course I don't read romance.

But I love the paranormal, and witches have to have romance like anyone else. And one last excuse, writers have to read all genres to expand their craft.

So I read Elizabeth's book #1 of her Cindy Eller series and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it's a Strong Recommend. I thrive on sarcasm. Chortle like a ten-year-old over character names like Blue or Raine Skye. Elizabeth's style is fun, relaxing, and entertaining. It isn't DUNE, but few books are, eh? *wink*

Support a writer and go get your own copy.


  1. How Not to Kiss a Toad sounds cute! I might recommend my book because dudes have given me nice reviews. I also have a chapter where the toad is kissed or not. LOL

  2. Nice of you to get in touch with your inner girly side. Keeps you lovable. ;) The book sounds really cute; thanks for sharing.