Friday, September 6, 2013

Free Science Fiction-meets-Fantasy

My SF/F FIRST CONTACT has been out there over a year, and I haven't even snagged a review.

Anyone out there up for a free read?

In the first exploration outside the galaxy, the crew of the Kory Mae travel to the dark edge of the universe, to a rogue solar system, searching for the origin of a telepathic greeting. 

The two-year mission challenges the seventeen, each with dreams and hopes, relationships and baggage, lives placed on hold. Isolation and the physics of accelerating by the speed of light every quarter of a second will punish them. They confront isolation, greed, politics, disease—and most surprising, arcane forces. 

If they fail, there is no rescue. To survive, everything must go right. They have two advantages: the most advanced craft ever designed, and the brilliant physicist who built it, commanding the mission.

FIRST CONTACT is the third volume of the PERSONA KORY MAE series – science fiction meets fantasy.

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