Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Shout-out, For SEEker 2, Maybe?

Reaching people is tough. You know that. If you're willing to give my newest, 19th title, a shout-out, I'll die happy, thinking of how kind you were today. Otherwise of course I'll languish in purgatory when my days end.

If you're interested, want something different, I'm game. Send me a message.

If you're simply willing to re-post my cover, blurb with a link to Amazon and BandN you will forever be my BFFL…uh…bestest friend for life.

An autistic genius, a go-with-the-flow slacker, and two brothers with an unspoken history are fresh off an East Coast tour sticking it to one drug lord. The vacuum they created in the southeast drug corridor is sucking the partners into an ever-deepening hole.

They can’t count how many are trying to kill them. The distraction of romance may be the coup de grace.

[Of know I'll return the favor]

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