Thursday, August 22, 2013

SEEker 2 Blurb - What do you think?

The recently-partnered and inexplicably-matched foursome of do-gooders makes a surprisingly cohesive team, despite the appearance of stumbling forward with no plan. An autistic genius, a go-with-the-flow slacker, and two brothers with an unspoken history, are fresh off an East Coast tour sticking it to one drug cartel. The vacuum they created is now sucking the partners in deeper, while they battle the threat of romance which always complicates things.

They survived by their toenails the first time around. Not looking good the second. It helps that one of them totes along a little unnatural luck…uh…skill.

Help me improve this blurb and I'll send you SEEker 1 in whatever electronic format you prefer.


  1. I wouldn't touch anything up to the word sucking. I know it's just me but it reads so well up to that word. This line confuses me, "Helps one of them brings a little unnatural skill with him." Other than that it has me thirsty for more.

  2. I love the first paragraph, but the second starts to fade from the intensity build in the first one. Suggestions... hmmm.. I'll have to ponder on that one. But the book sounds great and the covers look awesome.