Monday, April 15, 2013

Unsanctioned ready for BETA Readers

If you enjoy paranormals...and wish to read...drop me a note

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About Unsanctioned
The wolf in Carter despises vampires, yet he finds himself protecting one from her own kind, turned without Red Court sanction. He has no clue why he's stuck his neck out to help her. Every step draws him nearer to the axe that will take his head, and escalates tensions between the Red Court and Lycan Council. Carter will have to be creative to save both him and Maggie. His life becomes more complicated when he falls for the beautiful vampire lord sent to negotiate an end to the month-long war his interference started.

* Unsanctioned contains mature language and subject matter. 

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  1. Hey, I just got a new WIP ready for beta readers today, too! Fun. Of course beta readers are super-easy for me to find, as I write YA and teach junior high. Beta readers are abundant there. I had 19 volunteers in 5 minutes at school. :)