Monday, March 11, 2013

Passage I Love

Again...I am enamored with a piece of my writing. Hope you enjoy as well.

"I don't care—"
"I do!" His wolf was instantaneous. There was no shifting. He exploded into his half-beast.
I lurched backward. His clothes ripping, snapped at the air like a bullwhip. Four of the longest canines I had ever seen in a fully-shifted beast lunged across the bar at me. His seven-foot form, four-feet broad at the shoulders, shucked my lungs into my scrotum.
"We will do this right." His words accented Russian, as my wolf's did.
"Shit," he snarled a moment later.
I followed his eyes downward. The brandy glass was pulverized in his clawed hand. Slices in his palm healed as I watched. He stepped to the side. Water ran in a sink, the tinkle of glass danced upon stainless steel. We didn't speak while he dried his hands on a towel.

Have a great day. 

(Did I mention I create e-book covers?)


  1. Oh now that is intriguing! I can see why you are pleased with this little scene. I see I need to invest in one of your books. Are you back from TX now? Enjoying some nice FL weather? (she asks with just a wee bit of jealousy and envy)

  2. You had me trembling - at the very thought of a fully-shifted beast of any shape!

  3. It seems you must still be under the weather. Hoping you get better quickly- and in case you missed my Saturday Centus- check it out- perhaps it will cheer you up!!

  4. Urm; I love the action, the intensity, the sensuality. But, I'd have other feedback on clarity. You have my e-mail if you want the feedback :)


  5. I love the part here his wolf was instantaneous. That was very visual. :D

  6. Are you out chasing wolves?! Hope your cold/? is better, and that words are flowing through your fingers on the keyboard, in yet another good read!