Monday, March 4, 2013

Passage entertained me--So Sharing

Loved this thought I would share.

The first speaker is the second speakers administrative assistant. The male protagonist is a lone wolf were. You might notice, Carter is a little hard to get to know. Lone wolves tend to be a little aloof. 

"I've worked for you a long time—" she said.
Not that long. Thirteen. Fourteen months.
"You know I don't stick my nose into your business."
No. Women never do that.
"[...], and don't tell me he didn't."
"Okay, I won't tell you that."
"Don't get sarcastic with me. I've gotten two boys through adolescence without  the hint of backtalk, and won't take lip from you either."
I didn't know she was even married. "You're married?"
Her face turned crimson for a three-count. I'm not good—I'm terrible at reading expressions. I've relied on my wolf scenting emotion for too many years, but I had him well buried this morning. But her face seemed to turn from worried—no, embarrassment, to—no, I had no idea what she was feeling.
"What?" I asked.

Have a great day.

(Did I mention I create e-book covers?)


  1. Typical guy of any species :)


  2. How fun! That entertained me too. Loved the sarcastic thought-bits in between. :) Thanks for sharing this!