Sunday, March 3, 2013

Galley of Mock Ups

I finish off my mock cover showcase with a galley from artists that have never replied back to my communications. Each is a beautiful piece I lust after...that is...would love to use for the covers of my own novels...but unfortunately, since the artists haven't replied back...I can't say if the pieces are available. But I love the I'm going to showcase them in a block, anyway.

Links to the artists

Have a great day.

(Did I mention I create e-book covers?)


  1. The "Barbara Somebody" bit made me smile. :) I like the one with the cross and the bird -- a raven, maybe?

  2. Well you know how busy the life of an artist or writer can be, and you just never know, they may still get back to you. I just got an email response back from on of the members of the House of Reps in Minnesota, ( very nice email) but still weeks later, hmm, so you just never know. These are some great covers. A good pick.