Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Safari – Mundy's Gap

Yep…still in El Paso. Molly and I hiked a ways up Mundy's Gap, from Chuck Heinrick Park. Gorgeous day. A little too much exercise for The Moll. I think she'll really struggle to stand tomorrow (I tend to forget she's not a pup). Hope you enjoy the pix of El Paso's rugged neighbors to the north, east and west (You've seen pictures of the mountains to the you've probably figured out El Paso is smack in the middle of nothing but mountains. Instead of calling it the desert Southwest...they should call it the mountain Southwest.

Mountains to the north

Mountains to the east

Mountains to the west (I guess I never pointed the camera south)

Can you imagine Molly thinking, "Are we going all the way up there?"

Are you counting the pictures of Molly?

Call it the desert-mountain Southwest

With White Sands, Ft. Bliss, McGregor, Range...I'm probably leaving out some nearby installations...there are always jet streams over this part of the country.

I really wish I had thrown my mountain bike on the back of the truck before I headed west for this trip.

Yep...more rock...more cacti

Anyone for rock climbing?

Ha! Mountains to the south (of where I was standing)

Molly loves her booties...but she wore the soles out on this hike.

"Keep up, Dad!"

More rock...more cacti

Blue sky...cacti...mesquite 

And more rock

More rock...and mountains to the east (background)...none of us can hike is part of Ft. Bliss/McGregor Range)

Another view of rocks

Closer view of the mountains to the east

More rock...more cacti (I must love the stuff)

"Dad just can't keep up...."

The trail ran along the north edge of Castner Range

More rock...more cacti

How many pictures of Molly did you count?

Have a great week.


  1. It's been several years since I've visited El Paso, but it is indeed a whole other world, far removed from the rest of Texas.

    How much longer will you be in the desert? You must be missing the humidity and greenery of Florida by now. :)

  2. Love her booties, and 8 times! I did look for you to be crafty and have her shadow in one of them too, but can't be certain about that. I'm guessing she's missing watching people, and lizards, or an occasional gecko, birds and squirrels. I can't imagine much wildlife is out there for her liking. Rock climbing yes, moderately. I found a perfect rock climbing spot in Red Rock Canyon (Nevada) that this slightly reminds me of, only slightly- have you ever been there? Thanks for the desert tour again Mac! Now I'm going to go back and make sure my number was right! (not including any crafty business on your behalf!) Ha! Ha!

  3. This make Texas look more interesting than when I drove through. I guess after spending 18 hours in a car, nothing looks good in all that brown.

    Glad you're having a good time though.


  4. I'm thinking Larry Mcnurty. Lovely pics. I want to be there again.

  5. Hey Mike...I've never read any of his work, but I've seen the movie 'Terms of Endearment'

    As many westerns as I read in my youth...and never to have read Lonesome Dove...amazing.