Thursday, January 24, 2013

This is Texas, not Afghanistan...

Give it an extra 20% humidity and it might feel like Afghanistan.

I think my face is going to flake off.

A geologist might remark, "See how the plateau rises from west to east? That shows how this tectonic plate rose on top of it's neighbor to the east. As the eastern plate plunged below the western plate, the mountain range was formed." But not being a geologist, I just say, "Man, this could be the moon, if it wasn't for the blacktop."


  1. I live in a mountain town in Colorado at almost 8000 feet. The terrain is very similar, actually. We're considered a high mountain desert and below treeline, our main vegetation is sagebrush. Fortunately, we do have the high mountain views and treeline to relieve the arid landscape.

  2. I would almost agree Afghanistan if not for the wee little Texas Kangaroo Rat lurking just off to the left of the deserted pavement. I imagine he was intrigued by the radiant heat shimmering off the roadway. But, he soon scurried his way into the desert in search of grabbing a quick bite! Only fast food for that little rodent! So yeah, it must be Texas! :)