Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Safari - Campus of UTEP

My temporary relocation to El Paso creates a very different style of safari. I hiked my alma mater. Boy...has it changed since I took my last class 30 years ago. My safaris are usually about nature. Today includes what you can find in the urban environment in the middle of the desert...but you'll see most of today's pictures are about texture. I hope you enjoy.

CONTEST: How many times does Molly show up in a picture?

UTEP, before it was Texas Western College, started out as the College of Mines.

Ever since I was student, I scratched my head that the complex which I felt had the least personality...was home of the College of Fine Arts

UTEP overlooks the US-Mexican border. You are looking at the suburbs of Juarez, MX

The background is all Mexico

You see a lot of Border Patrol along the Rio Grande. Don't laugh...yes...that is the Rio Grande...diverted for agricultural purposes until many miles south of El Paso. If you ever visit Big Bend can see a Grand River.

A close up view of the Colonias. I love the colors.

If you aren't aware...UTEP is the home of the Miners...thus the pick axe.

Feathers fluffed in the breeze

 Have a great week. 


  1. Thanks for the tour. That's a beautiful campus, and you're right about the texture. How come there were no people? That was kind of scary.

    And wow, right next door to Mexico. The contradiction of no population on campus to the bustling city, is cool. Love those colored houses.

  2. Say, I saw 4 molly shots, there might have been a 5th one of her hanging out a window waving? Please confirm she can wave? Otherwise its a ghost shot!
    And by the way, Do I win?!!!
    Looks like Ann & I are the only contestants. I did the math, and its a 50% chance to win!!!! What is the prize?