Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pictures - Driving for El Paso

You from up north won't be shocked by the white stuff, but this Floridian was taken back. I must admit I found it really pretty, but didn't like how the Explorer whipped back and forth in the frozen ruts. Yuck.

Best part of the trip...across a smooth, pine-lined I-10 across northern Florida

Entering Alabama. How exciting

Most of the time there out, when I would have loved to take a picture, like downtown Houston at night, I was in traffic and couldn't fiddle with a camera. The San Antonio skyline is pretty at night too.

Then I hit this stuff west of San Antonio that morning. Yerk.

And it got worse...until they closed I-10 at Fort Stockton.

My detour...though adding 3 hours to my trip...was beautiful...and allowed me to enjoy the scenery just a little. I learned after that first spin-out to keep my speed under 45. (Made it a l o n g detour) (and idiot self was lucky not to end up stuck in the ditch...or don't preach.)

Crossing this path of a dozen does was really cool.

Heading north out of Alpine, TX

Have I ever mentioned that I like trees. This pix included a wind mill and water tank. Cool.

 A pecan orchard north of Marfa, TX. (Molly needed a break)

Last chance to wield the camera again before I got back on I-10 and nightmare traffic from there into El Paso.

Have a great week.

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  1. I cannot believe you've never experienced snow. Monster was mad b/c she saw on the news Texas was getting hit and she wanted it here so she could go sledding. Poor kid. It's 70 here today.

  2. Okay, I'm very envious of that last photo. I wish to jump head first into that scene. I just knew you were jealous of all our white stuff and just had to slide into it yourself. You sure mentioned the bad part of winter, driving can be yuck! Traffic slow ups, tow truck issues, wipeouts, all in the middle of your rush hour commute. Your entering into Alabama, I love the open road, any of them, cool! The winter roads- black and white truth, get me off the road and let me just enjoy it on foot, with my camera. I'm so happy you included some friendly wild life too, and that you showed us your recent digs!