Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Day in the Desert

If you've missed my previous posts, I'm temporarily living in El Paso, TX. Very different than my home in Tampa. Molly doesn't like walking on the gravel. (Not a lot of gravel in Florida...closest thing is broken sea shells on the beach)

The desert is an acquired taste...and I didn't get out of the city for this Day in the Desert...but I hope you enjoy.
Mount Franklin

Have I ever mentioned...I like trees...all kinds of trees

Shot up an alley

Pecan tree against a dreary sky

Cool tree...wish you could hear the dogs in the front yard barking at us

Did I mention...I like trees

I like trees...and walking with Molly...this is in Memorial of El Paso's nicer parks...lots of hills and walls for kids to climb

This is looking across into Mexico

I like trees

Looking up at the southern edge of Mount Franklin
(By the way...Franklin isn't from Ben Franklin. El Paso was originally named Franklin...who was a big, local rancher. I don't recall why the city changed its name.

Oh, BTW...I like trees. The pinion trees of the south are really cool

I like trees

Wish you could hear the three dogs behind this gate howling up a storm at Molly (and me)

I like trees...and living in FL for 26 years), have missed something on the horizon

Something nice to have on the horizon

The neighbor immediately across the street has three huge pit bulls that make a racket you wouldn't believe...but they sure are beautiful creatures.

Have a great day.

(Did I mention I create e-book covers?)
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  1. I think border towns are such interesting places.

    BTW, do you like trees? Just wondering...

  2. Absolutely awesome photos, thanks. I am a fan of trees too, and mountains. Gee what a stroll you can take- hard to stop shooting pictures I can imagine. I have to agree with you about the pit bulls too, there's something very sweet in their eyes- bright eyes that often seem to be pleading- with you. Enjoy your new digs!

  3. Hi Elisabeth

    Yeah...I should have mentioned...I like trees

  4. I love the telephone pole shot-- urban trees. I love trees too-- especially the old gnarled ones that show the effects of wind and the elements.

  5. I love the landscape, less keen on the human detritus : ) And yes, Trees good.