Monday, January 7, 2013

Google made it harder to turn off no-reply

The idiots at Google hid the edit profile screen

I found it...despite their efforts to hide it.

If you would like your friends to reply back to the comment-notifier they get in the mail:

1. go to
2. very top-right corner...see the name of your the down caret for 'Profile'
3. Click 'Blogger Profile'
4. very top-right corner...see orange rectangle that says 'Edit Profile'
5. see the second item under Privacy: 'Show my email address' -- should be checked.
6. you MUST scroll to the very bottom and click 'Save Profile.'



  1. I think I had to do that once before. I don't think I have that problem now, but you never know what kookiness blogger is up to.


  2. It seems I've done this before too, but since you've had issues with this for me, I tried following your guide, on my hubby's computer and my laptop, with (Windows 8) but neither one of us could do it. where you say top-right corner ...see the name of your blog- it isn't there. ????