Monday, January 21, 2013

Favorite Passage

I haven't done a favorite passage in a while. Finally getting back to the WIP I haven't touched since heading for El Paso. Thought I'd share this.
[Set up: Speaker is a 'baby-vamp' mentored in a strange relationship by a mature werewolf. She has been assigned to kill an unsanctioned turn...who her mentor by coincidence saved from a vampire the previous day]

"No one knows exactly how mature. A thraller who works the blood bank at Tampa General got a sniff as she left work this afternoon."

Thraller. Vampire's derogatory name for the weak-assed of their kind. In literature they're called succubae. They have the sexual drive and mind control of their brethren, without the nasty blood-whore addiction, nor the powers that make vampires an inconvenient foe of my kind.

Maggie was as incompetent as they came. But even she could manage the process of elimination. They would have someone in the hospital with access to records. Maggie just had to sniff around the home address of everyone treated today, until she found Randi.

Have a great day.

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