Friday, January 25, 2013

A Friend asked about having Guests...

An old critique partner suggested I might know something. (I kept from snickering. Yeah, me...I just make things up for a living.) But he wanted suggestions about going about getting guests, and visiting other bloggers.

I had so much fun answering (I'm easily amused)... here is what I said:

All you have to do is ask.

Know what you have to offer. Don’t make it an advertisement for your latest work.

I learned the hard way you’ll insult your peers [read, piss off] to ask if you can announce your latest.

There are some bloggers who are rather picky…but we casual bloggers are otherwise pretty flexible. The key is to have a relationship with other bloggers. Be co-followers. Comment back and forth about each other’s blogs…that sort of thing. I would be taken aback a little if a stranger (unless it was Stephen King) asked to guest (but why would ole Steve want to come over).

If you are acquainted with some bloggers that post similar kinds of content/similar interests…invite them over. I’ve gained more followers by other blogger’s followers coming over to see what their friend had to say over on my digs, than the other way around.

Be sure your best stuff is used when you guest. The whole point is to show off, draw them over. Don’t bore. Offer something.

Remember…it takes effort to come up with a posting. So for someone to guest…they are spending their time to give you content. Appreciate that.

It is all marketing. Bad content is like paying for an add that says, I’m boring. Never visit my blog.

When you invite…I’d suggest you first have a criteria of content…so the blogger isn’t dropped into a chasm of ‘huh.’ Do you want an excerpt of writing, current events, opinion, genre…gruesome/SF/F/contemporary/Chick Lit? Humor? How-to? Critique?.... Length? Photos? Links?

It’s important that both parties gain by the sharing. Each should get exposure…have a chance to win some of the other’s followers.

(If you have 12 followers…and they have a thousand…what’s in it for them? So stick with peers more in the same category. This helps both of you get up to the 1000-follower dream.)

Always publicize your visitor and guestness. Not just on your blog. Facebook and Twitter it…wherever you’re networking.

Key…before you jump in…be a consistent blogger yourself. Your blog has to offer something. I can’t believe how many blogs are a running diatribe about how the blogger feels about their mate…what they had for breakfast. Why would anyone follow that?

No overt selling.

Every blog is subtle marketing. The more subtle the better.

I probably stated the obvious five times…huh? Part of getting old.

I’m gonna have to blog this. Thanks for the content.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. This is very good advice.

    Build the relationship first and the networking follows.

  2. Very good advice. Who is the friend? I'll follow at the very least and help get readers to his blog. What little bit I can do. :D

  3. Hi Mel

    I hope you see this, because your profile is set up as no-reply.

    I'm sure Larry would appreciate the follow. You can find him on:

    - Mac