Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Safari--Wilderness Park

Hello from the hermit-writer. Hiked Wilderness Park, east of Tampa. Gorgeous morning, though a chilly 45 degrees when I started. Hope you enjoy.

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-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Beautiful as always. I love my mountain hikes and scenary, but your pictures awaken a desire for other landscapes.

    I often refer to myself as the "happy hermit". ;)

  2. Great pics again. That spine in the middle of the nature shots is pretty dramatic. :)

    Also loved the sign. Ha! I'd turn back if I were you. :P

  3. What's the backbone from? I always like your bird shots.

  4. You have some absolutely beautiful shots, Mac.

  5. Mystery bones? I feel a story coming on! Not just a mere whodunit either. Every time I sit back and enjoy your over-the-top and beyond-words and completely stunning photos, I get a little green- with envy, but then I recall all the reasons (hm what were they again, oh yeah) of why I live here. I do hope you haven't been tied up and gaged in one of the gator swamps (I hear they do that when they want to save their dinner hahaha) because I too want to know about the bones!