Saturday, December 29, 2012

Covers - Three (13 - 15)

14 Artist: Carlos

13 Artist: Fatima AlNabouda

15 Artist: Maciej Zielinski

Have a great day.


  1. Okay,Mac how ever did you discover my secret hideaway? You must have caught sight of it (in your dreams! hahaha) or facebook! It's okay, just don't tell your friends- it's a magical hideaway and they'd never ever leave! Now for cover 2, is that me playing? :) for 3 yikes! send me a spaceship- or smoke bombs- she, ah, SCARES me! Help! :)

  2. Castle in the Sky looks a bit steampunk. Is it?

  3. Castle in the Sky looks a bit steampunk. Is it?

  4. test comment...all my buds commenting who I used to reply are no-reply...Did google change something on us?

  5. Awesome covers!! Love the castle in the sky, the snake ring on the piano-playing fingers, the rich layers of the woman figure and its background.

    Hmm, weird about the no-reply. I don't think mine is doing that...maybe it's just a temporary blogger glitch. Wait a coupla days and see if it goes away.

  6. Love the first and last. Not crazy about the middle one but I'm not sure why. Maybe because next to the other two it seems plain. Then again, it might be more appealing if I had a blurb to go with it.