Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Favorite Passage

The following comes from the second volume of my Clan Dyfyd trilogy, which is in edit.  Shanen and Adel are Justen's squires. To learn what a name of clarity'll have to read the trilogy.

"The recent events— Our time together— Adel and I— We have grown— We work well together— Our thoughts— Adel and I, with your permission, my Lord, would like to—" A gargle of words blended for a moment. "Formalize— Formalize our relationship, as we have found our company to be—pleasing to us both, if it serves you of course, My Lord."
After three weeks with us, he's suggesting what?
Shannen's face turned from fear to horror. "I don't mean to be so forthcoming to assume you've decided I'm acceptable to assist you permanently."
"Don't panic," Justen said. "I—my brain just isn't—I've been a bit out of the saddle, you know. It's just I'm not sure what you're asking."
"I care for Adel. And she cares for me."
"Uh huh. Good. How do you wish to— Oh. You wish to—"
Shanen turned ruby-red, a color Justen expected impossible from an aged warrior. In a rush the man said, "We wish to take a name of clarity, My Lord."
To give him time for this hammer-to-the-head to sink in, Justen slowly tied his sash, drawing his pants taut, took the blouse Shanen handed him, and pulled that over his head. Were they choosing to be mates, or siblings? Both?
How could two, not siblings, share a name?
He finally managed to say, "I've never heard anything more appealing. Have you chosen a name of clarity?"
"Yes, if it pleases you, my Lord. Shanad."
Shan—en. Ad—el. Shanad. That is going to confuse people.

-R. Mac Wheeler

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