Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beta for Regent's Fate

I have completed all but the final edit pass of Regent's Fate. I will be emailing this to my list of beta readers shortly, in Kindle format.

I am open to more beta readers. If you are interested, drop me a note. (You may want to read book 1 first, if you haven't already. Order is rather important in this series.)

Note…the covers are just working copies. An artist is working on concepts for me.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. I like the first one. I'll beta read the sequel if you don't need it RIGHT away. I'm in the middle of something right now but would like to read it.

  2. I mean the first cover when I said the first one btw.

  3. Aww! I wish i could volunteer, but i am so totally swamped right now! (bad time of year for me).
    Also, even though those are just working copies of the covers, that look AWESOME!