Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Writer's Voice - Guest J.C. Phelps

Mac asked writers about our writing style.  He wanted to know “…where (do) you fit in the personality matrix?”  He says his “narrative personality is Character.”

I’m with him in that description for my only available series, The Alexis Stanton Chronicles.  It is character driven with as much action as I could cram in there.  I found a character that spoke to me.  Actually, she yelled at me to write her story, so I did.  I seem to do best with the character driven stories.

He also asked if genre, character’s gender and overall story line effects our writing.  For me, it does.  I have published nothing but my character driven series, but I do have some writing that is completely different than what readers would expect from me.  And, the genre, gender and story line does effect my writing.  It all depends on what I am trying to convey and what kind of an impression I want to make.

"...write as if you are a reader. The great joy in writing is the same joy as in reading: the discovery, the desire to go on to the next page and find out what will happen, and the sound of the voices." Stuart M. Kaminsky

Other than research, I read and write for entertainment.  Though I can get as much joy from reading a diverse assortment of books written with different styles, I’m currently at a place in my writing where character driven, action packed books are what I enjoy writing the most.

Honestly, I have never given my writing style much thought before Mac asked the question.  I think more often about why I write and it is horribly selfish.  Some authors have a message.  I write to kill time.

Thank you for reading this blog post and thanks to Mac for allowing me on his blog one more time.

Thanks for joining us today, J.C.
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  1. Great post! I love that quote. I love great characters too.

  2. Thanks, Angie! I found that little bit from Kaminsky in a foreword he'd written for a Rex Stout book a while ago. It just seemed so right to me and I've been aching to find a good place to quote him.

  3. I like: Write for one reader--yourself.