Monday, September 10, 2012

Writer's Voice – Guest K.C. May

Everyone reads for a different reason, and every author writes for a different reason, too. I read for adventure and escape and prefer stories that focus on character, plot and action.

Not surprisingly, those are my priorities when I write, too. To me, the most interesting stories are about people in situations that challenge them physically, mentally and emotionally.

We can't forget setting, however. Stories don't happen in a void, and some stories rely heavily on their settings. For my science fiction novel, The Venom of Vipers, for example, the setting is a near future Arizona in a world where a virus has devastated the population, and there's no cure on the horizon. Without these circumstances, the story would never have happened. It provides the backdrop against which people face their biggest challenges.

To me, fiction is still about characters.

What will they do -- and what won't they do -- to achieve their goals?

In the face of adversity, people reveal their true natures. That's what I find so interesting in fiction. Will characters violate their own principles or stand true to them when the stakes are high?

K.C…thanks for joining us.
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