Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pix—Sunday Safari—Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park

Wham! The sun hit me today. Starkey Park in north Pasco County is a wonderful bicycle park. I wasn't as impressed with the hiking trails. But to two-wheel it…I recommend. I was hoofing it…the paths were too wide…no shade. Almost died. September in Florida. Hope you enjoy.

 Yall, shout, "Hello!" to Calvin and Rick

Three paths, I had to do a U-turn because I walked into a swamp. Bummer.

Sad to see the result of wild-fire...even if it is healthy in the long run. Sure does clear the undergrowth.

Have a great week.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Hello Calvin and Rick! What an amazing catch with the butterfly too. Looks like a great day for picking flowers too! Ha! Ha! They are pretty.

  2. Beautiful pictures as always. Hello to Calvin and Rick!

    We did a bit of exploring yesterday but we did it in the Trailblazer. :-)