Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pix-Sunday Sufari – Dunedin, FL

Traipsed over to the gulf coast this morning. Strolled along the intra-coastal between Clearwater and Dunedin. Hope you enjoy.

I wonder if Gilligan is running around out there?

What are these fresh water ducks doing on the intra-coastal?

The Dunedin Marina

I immediately got thirsty

This guy ignored me...he was staring down a fisherman cleaning his catch.

One of the main bridges connecting Clearwater Beach.

I haven't been very lucky getting a good shot of an osprey. They are such cool birds of prey.

Some really, gorgeous-to-die-for homes in Dunedin

Made me want to go cruising

Have a great week!

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Absolutely lovely! Love it!

  2. Nice pics! What kind of camera do you use?

    I've been do Dunedin once. Not a pleasant time (my MIL was the hospital and soon passed after our visit), but I did think the area was very nice. Wish I could have enjoyed it more, though!

  3. From your picture, I could live in that house in Dunedin, (if only I had all my family near!) What a cool car to go for a Sunday afternoon ride in too. You sure found some lovely blue skies and water, while I walked around dust all day at the Mn. Renaissance Festival! But hey the characters out there is what's it's all about. I never have a dull time there!

  4. fabulous pictures! i miss florida!!
    and look at all your books! way to write!

  5. Man it is gorgeous there! I'm hard pressed to even choose a favorite from those photos. They are all awesome!

  6. Love your photos. I especially enjoyed the one with the pastel colored chairs.